Tetrathlon Committee

Audrey Cramp and Fiona Pierce organise teams to represent the CHHPC at events across the Area. They also put on training for our members who would like to take part in Tetrathlon Competitions particularly shooting practise during the season.


Pony Club Tetrathlon is very much like Modern Pentathlon, which you may have seen in the Olympics. It provides Members with a challenging competition requiring practical horsemanship, general athletic ability and a steady hand for shooting. Tetrathlon originated as a competition for boys however there are now competitions for girls and for different ages groups.

Children have 4 disciplines that they compete in during a day or over the weekend.

In Tetrathlon, runners go off at one minute intervals over a carefully measured course and each competitor’s time is measured. A bogey time is set for the course and for each second over or under that time a number of points are deducted from or added to 1,000 points.

Boys Open- 3000m
Boys Intermediate- 2000m
Girls Open and Intermediate- 1500m
Juniors- 1500m
Minimus- 1000m

Bogey times which score 1000 points are shown below:
Open Boys- 10 minutes 30 seconds
Intermediate Boys- 7 minutes 0 seconds
Open and Intermediate Girls- 5 minutes 20 seconds
Juniors- 5 minutes 40 seconds
Minimus- 4 minutes 0 Seconds

Tetrathlon Rules

It is strongly recommended that you buy or download a copy of the appropriate discipline Rule Book(s) so that you always have it to hand for your competitions. All Rule Books are available from The Pony Club Shop at a cost of £3.00.

The 2017 Tetrathlon Rule Book is available to download

Tetrathlon Rule Book 2017