The Pony Club Grassroots Championships

We sent two teams to the Championships to compete in both Show Jumping and Dressage.1st Place for Show Jumping Team1st Place for Show Jumping Team

1st Place for Show Jumping Team

The jumping team of Emma,  Lola,  Lottie and Maisie all rode superbly.  The competition comprises two courses jumped one after the other.  The first at a full up to height 80cm and the second at a stretching 85cm.  The girls did a tremendous job taking CHHPC through to the jump of on a score of 0.  Out of 25 teams 5 went through to the jump off for a nail biting finish.  The girls all rode incredibly quick rounds to finish on 0 and the winning time.

Huge congratulations to Lottie for finishing individual 2nd.

Dressage Team

The dressage team were sadly not quite as successful.  The team of John,  Katie,  Lottie and Scarlett,  were all beautifully presented and rode good tests.  Sadly one or two small mistakes left us out of the placings.

The JCB Pony Club Championships

Amazing achievements for CHHPC at the JCB Pony Club Chamionships!  The 90cm Show Jumping team came 5th out of 40 teams.  Well done to Olivia,  Imogen,  Daisy and Ellie.

In the Elite Jumping Briony came 2nd and Ella Was 6th.

Novice Dressage

In the Novice Dressage the team took an amazing 2nd place;  Liv,  Lou, Els and Georgie all rode beautiful tests with individual 4ths for Elsa and Georgie.

Horse and Pony Care

The Horse and Pony Care team of Jemima,  Heidi and Zara were 11th out of 30 teams,  narrowly missing out on the rosettes.  This result is particularly impressive as it is the first time our branch has entered this competition.


Our Evening Team of Liv,  Jodie,  Georgia and Georgie finished a very admirable 5th in the PC100.  Four pleasing dressage results.  Mixed bag in the Show Jumping with Georgia showing the older girls just how it’s doe with a classy clear.  The  Cross Country course was very challenging with plenty of questions.  Given the struggles the course presented to so many many horses and riders,  the parents were so pleased to see all four girls home safe and sound.  A fantastic result,  roll on the 2023 Champs.

The four amazing young women were so polite and supportive of one another.  A real A Team.  The club is proud of their spirit and attitude.

In Summary

As a club we are hugely proud of all our riders.  Throughout both Championships they have displayed great sportsmanship with plenty of competitive spirit,  whilst being hugely supportive of each other and great team players.  They have all been polite and respectful,  have looked after their ponies well and have been great ambassadors for the Club.

A huge thank you also to Kathy Willard and AB Williams,  our awesome coaches,  who have supported the riders all the way through the journey from training,  to qualifying to attending the Championships.  Their encouragement and coaching have been invaluable.

And a final word of thanks to all the parents,  whose driving,  paying,  muck picking,  tear wiping and heavy drinking make these events fun for everyone who attends.