Christmas Roundup

It’s been a very busy Christmas for the Club.  There have been activities for all our members,  both fun ones for our more junior members,  competition training for our more advanced riders,  and of course our fun Christmas show at Sands farm.  A report on all these activities follows.

Show Jumping Training at Hascombe

This rally was well attended,  and as always Kathy ran a series of challenging and fun lessons.  We are hoping to get lots of members involved in show jumping training this year as there are lots of opportunities to compete for the club.  If members don’t want to compete,  then this is an equally good opportunity to develop their skills and the skills of their pony.

Christmas Fun Rally at Sands

Charlotte Epsom and Lorna Tullett organised a fantastic fun rally for our Junior riders at Sands Farm.  The rally was Christmas themed and featured wall decorations,  beautifully dressed riders and Christmas decked ponies and lots of sweets and laughter.

Lorna organised fun games and jumping for the very youngest members and some more serious courses for the older riders.  It is worth mentioning that all riders are welcome to attend these Junior rallies, there is no age limit.  The sessions are designed for riders who are jumping up to about 60-70cm,  and there is no need to move on to  Senior rallies until the rider is completely ready.

The highlights of the event were Lorna’s excellent outfit,  Kenny jumping 90cm and the chocolate gift all riders received,  oh and of course the delicious bottle of prosecco consumed by the mummies!!

E, D and D+ Test Day

On the 29th December,  having worked very hard at the the Test rallies that have been run throughout the autumn (see picture below),  we are thrilled to announce the following passes:

D Test

Daphne H

D and D+ Test

Daisy H, Emily N, Ella A and Zara C


Holly P, Phoebe G, Halle N and Rose K

Congratulations to all of them.

Christmas Show Jumping Show at Sands Farm

Our Christmas show was very well attended as always,  and it was lovely to see everyone in such festive attire.  This show is a lovely relaxed competition,  with lots of opportunity for fun as well as some competitive riding.  Well done to all the competitors.

Arena Eventing Training at Pyecombe

On a cold, wet, windy and foggy 31st January,  the hardy of the club attended an excellent rally at Pycombe.  As always Sue Nolan provided first class instruction,  encouraging all the riders to take on new obstacles and giving everyone some really useful things to work on.

The pictures below are actually from Hickstead arena eventing training run the following weekend. This was attended by many of the same riders … but because of the bright sunshine the pictures are so much better 😉

Happy New Year

We wish all our members and supporters a very Happy New Year and we look forward to seeing you at rallies and events in the forthcoming months.